Executive Committee

The Executive Committee


The heart of EAIR is its members. But in the background, the Executive Committee (EC) is working to accompany the history of EAIR into the future.

The EC consists of nine people who are responsible for various portfolios and a nominated president. All are volunteers and elected by the EAIR-members for a three-year period. The EC is supported by a part-time coordinator, who is responsible for the organisation of EAIR, the yearly Forum, and effective management of operational systems.

What we do
EAIR Membership

Members of the Executive Committee 2023/2024

Prof. dr. Marijk van der Wende

Utrecht University | The Netherlands

Distinguished Faculty Professor of Higher Education at Utrecht University’s Faculty of Law, Economics and Governance.

Dr. Bruno Broucker

Institute of Tropical Medicine Antwerp | Belgium
Head of Education
Guest Professor at the KU Leuven Public Governance Institute

Portfolio: Strategic Management, Publications
Prof. Mark O’Hara

Aston University | UK
Associate Pro Vice Chancellor (Education)

Portfolio: Annual Forums, Cork 24 Programme Committee
Dr. Anne Gannon

University College Cork (UCC) | Ireland
UCC Staff Wellbeing & Development Manager

Portfolio: Operational Management, Cork 24 Programme Committee and Onsite Management
Auke Ruhe

Leiden University | The Netherlands
ICT & Research Coordinator

Portfolio: Finances
Dr. Ton Kallenberg

Jac P. Thijsse College | The Netherlands

Portfolio: Finances
Photo credit: Sirko Junge
Saskia Ulrich

CHE Centre for Higher Education | Germany
Senior Expert Evaluation Methods

Portfolio: Content Management (website and conftool)
Dr. Thomas Harboe

Syddansk Universitet – University of Southern Denmark | Denmark
Program Director, Senior Executive Advisor (chefkonsulent)

Portfolio: Communications, GDPR
Dr. Göran Melin, Associate Professor

Technopolis Group | Sweden
Associate Consultant

Portfolio: Cork 24 Track Chair Committee
Dr. Kurt De Wit

KU Leuven | Belgium
Head of IR Unit, Educational Policy Department,
Editor-in-chief Tertiary Education and Management (TEAM)

Portfolio: Communications, Content Management (website)
Dr. Silke Preymann

University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria | Austria
Scientific Head of Diversity Management

Portfolio: Cork 24 Programme and Track Chair Committee
What we do
EAIR Membership
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  • 16 May – 1st July 2024: Regular registration
  • 15 July 2024: Deadline full paper submission for participants to the best paper award
  • 15 August 2024: Deadline powerpoint submission for the presentations

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