What we do

Our mission is to support research and development in higher education research, policy and practice, to the general benefit of higher education.

Our aims are

  • To encourage research in higher education.
  • To promote the development of institutional management, planning and policy implementation.
  • To disseminate information that supports policy-making, policy implementation and good practice in higher education.
  • To support the membership by providing opportunities for networking and professional development in the field of higher education

These objectives will be achieved through the following measures:

  • Organising an annual Forum bringing together students, researchers, policymakers, leaders, administrators and practitioners.
  • Publishing the peer-reviewed journal ’Tertiary Education and Management’ which may include high quality papers from the annual Forum and other appropriate contributions. EAIR may support other publications too in addition to TEAM.
  • Organising seminars and networking opportunities of interest to specific groups of the EAIR membership, involving non-members where appropriate. These may involve cooperation with other organisations.
  • Providing a variety of opportunities for networking and professional development of members and other interested parties in the various fields of higher education.
  • Initiating, encouraging and actively supporting comparative research on issues in higher education.
  • Cooperating and exchanging information with relevant organisations.
  • Providing other services to the membership, such as a membership directory; online databases; and electronic copies of Forum presentations.





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  • 15 July 2024: Deadline full paper submission for participants to the best paper award
  • 15 August 2024: Deadline powerpoint submission for the presentations

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