EAIR Forum Cork 2024

Track 1: Sustainable Strategic Management and Governance in Higher Education

Track Chairs: Dr Ruth Hally, Professor Rosalind Pritchard

Public interest in the performance of higher education continues to increase along with dynamic expectations of its contribution to the knowledge economy, economic growth, societal development, and environmental protection.

Track 2: Innovation in Teaching and Learning and sustainable professional practice

Track Chairs: Professor Paul McSweeney, Professor Matt O’Leary

The world is changing. Our society, environment, economy, and labour markets are transforming at a rapid pace, and this has been further accelerated by the impact of global pandemics and of changing climate and migration patterns.

Track 3: Sustaining Research Excellence

Track Chairs: Dr David O’Connell, Dr Jessica Nooij

Sustaining competitive and effective research systems that foster deep connections between research, innovation, and education, and which address complex and dynamic societal challenges that extend beyond disciplines and international borders, require strategies that strengthen research excellence and deliver impact.

Track 4: Sustaining Resilient Quality Cultures in Higher Education

Track Chairs: Elizabeth Noonan, Saskia Ulrich

External quality standards and guidelines at international and national level provide important reference points to guide the orientation and development of quality assurance and quality management approaches

Track 5: Embedding and Sustaining Digitalisation

Track Chairs: Dr Sarah Thelen, Dr Göran Melin

The only true constant in Higher Education is change. From Covid to Artificial Intelligence, from the rise of blended and online learning to the return to campus-based teaching, and so on, change is always with us

Track 6: Internationalisation and Sustainable Transnational Cooperation

Track Chairs: Dr Jean Van Sinderen Law, Professor Marijk van der Wende

Internationalisation and transnational cooperation initiatives provide a variety of routes to enrich institutions’ education and research programmes.

Track 7: Sustaining staff and student wellbeing

Track Chairs: Dr Eithne Hunt, Professor Mark O’Hara

The importance of sustaining and nurturing the individual and collective welfare, wellbeing, and meaningful engagement of staff in the delivery of higher education cannot be underestimated.

Track Details

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Sustainable Travel Ideas for the EAIR Cork Forum

Travelling from Europe

Visitors from Europe can travel via Eurostar from Paris to London and from there by train to Wales and by boat to Dublin. Travellers can then take the train or bus to Cork. Alternatively, there is a daily boat connection from Roscoff or Calais (in Northern France) directly to Ringaskiddy, Cork.  

Link for Direct Ferries: https://www.directferries.ie/

Travelling from the UK

There are ways to travel to and from Ireland without flying, as there are train and bus services that link with ferry services across the Irish Sea which connect several ports in England, Wales and Scotland with Irish ferry ports of Rosslare, Dublin or Belfast with ongoing travel by car, bus or train. 

Cross County Rail Services

Where taking a flight is necessary, attendees are encouraged to consider direct flights to Ireland (Cork, Dublin) airports and to use cross country rail services where a direct flight to Cork is not possible.

Link for Irish rail: https://www.irishrail.ie/en-ie/

Travel options in Cork

Cork is a city where active travel options are both available and encouraged – walking and cycling.  Visitors to Cork City can get a 3 day TFI bike subscription.

Link to TFI Bike Subscription: https://www.bikeshare.ie/pricing-and-subscriptions.html

All accommodation options and EAIR Forum venues in Cork can be accessed easily by foot. 

Offsetting Travel Emissions

Forum attendees are invited to offset the unfavourable impact of air travel by combining attendance at the Cork forum with other meetings in Ireland, the UK and Europe. 

Forum attendees who wish to consider sustainable travel options may also wish to combine their attendance at the Cork EAIR Forum with their annual holiday and by so doing minimise the number of air flights taken in 2024.