EAIR Forum Cork 2024

Yes, all of the rooms are located together in the same building, and are synchronized for such occurrences. Of course, if one runs over and the other starts early, you may miss some of it.

Yes, it is. Our online offering will be limited to a single online mixed track and a streaming of the keynotes. Online speakers will have full access to this track, and online observers will be able to attend online with all of the sessions offered on that day.

Only the single mixed track will be available online this year in a hybrid approach. These sessions will be hosted in Teams with potential for full engagement.

No, unfortunately not. You are asked to submit your PowerPoint by 15 August to e-mail info@the-eair.org

It is not necessary, but common. When you have got a single presentation, it would be great, if you would submit your PowerPoint/Interactive/other format presentation by 15 August to e-mail info@the-eair.org – it is your choice (and we will offer some guidance).


When offering a Workshop, Panel, Round-Table or an Open Space format, it is up to you if it is necessary or not for audience engagement and benefit.

There is no Template for your presentation. You are free in the design of these, but please add the EAIR Logo on it and the hashtag #EAIR. We will provide some useful guidance in the early summer to assist you in preparing your presentation.

We will share your presentation for the on-campus and online audience to view (to avoid using USB devices or connecting other laptops due to the hybrid setup). These will only be used at the time of the presentation unless otherwise requested by the presenters.

We will likely use MS Teams which provides breakout rooms, participation and audience management. Plenary sessions will be livestreamed to our social platforms.

Yes! If you are presenting at the Forum, you can submit your paper as a consideration for the Brill Forum Book series. Please speak to one of the Track Chairs or members of the EAIR Executive Committee if you wish to be considered for the Brill Cork Forum Book.

Yes. Everybody has to register and has to pay for the conference. We are offering special fees for Students, Academics at Risk and Emeritus members. Check our Conference tool for more information

You should have received a message via Conference tool in relation to your proposal.

If you haven’t had any feedback, please email info@the-eair.org – all proposals will receive a response and feedback.

No. But the presentations will be published on the website afterwards.

We’ve simplified our ticketing options this year by combining membership and attendance into three main ticket types:

– Regular Members (for which there is a limited early bird option)

– Students, Emeritus and Academics at Risk

– Online Presenter


Find all Forum fee and registration information  at www.the-eair.org/, then register and head to the Conference tool to secure your ticket.

Yes! There is limited early bird pricing on regular member and non-member tickets (the already discounted Student, Emeritus and Academic at Risk categories do not qualify for an early bird discount).

Find more information  at www.the-eair.org/

An invoice is automatically generated via Conference Tool. If you have any queries please email info@the-eair.org


No, it is not possible to pay cash. However, it is quick and efficient to pay directly by card or bank transfer via Conference Tool on our webpage.

No, there is unfortunately no discount for those offering Workshops or a Networking Space.
Unfortunately not. We are actively looking for partnering sponsors for scholarships and will publish this information on our website and in our social media channels if we have openings.

In addition, we are more than happy to support you in finding an own sponsor. If you need an official letter from us or if you need more information about EAIR, please contact us!

It is intended that all papers and presentations submitted to EAIR will be deposited on a protected page on the EAIR website for members to access. Conference participants receive a password which they can use to access these papers and presentations. If you are a presenter at the Forum and do not want to make your paper available, you have the option to withdraw your paper and presentation from this depository.

Not automatically. However, you can submit your paper to TEAM.
Since TEAM moved to Springer, there is no print version of the Journal any longer. TEAM is now only available online – better for the environment, better for knowledge dissemination.
All information can be found here: https://link.springer.com/journal/11233

It depends on your status: member or non-member, and a variety of other factors.

The EAIR Forum is a membership-access event. We offer Regular, Emeritus and Student memberships at various rates with various requirements (see details at www.eairweb.org/membership). We have a category for Academics at Risk who can prove refugee status in the EU.

We have simplified our tickets to include a one-year membership in the ticket price, renewable annually. We have a one-size-fits-all online presenter fee available which covers membership and participation in the online track. This is a single, mixed-theme track.

Need more info? Send us a message and we’ll help out!

Sure! Please write us an email with your names, passport number and the organisation you are representing. We will assist as much as possible.

Please make this request as early as possible as for some individuals, acquiring the official paperwork can take some time, depending on where the application is being made from.

Cork City is easily accessible by air, land and sea. Please visit PureCork.ie for information about travelling to Cork, places to stay, and local attractions.

We use an automated sender for marketing and automated confirmation emails. Please ensure that “info@the-eair.org” is whitelisted in your email service (you can read how on a non-affiliated site HERE) and allow cookies for marketing on our website.

If you haven’t received your confirmation email, please contact us using our Contact Form or email us at info@the-eair.org.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Sustainable Travel Ideas for the EAIR Cork Forum

Travelling from Europe

Visitors from Europe can travel via Eurostar from Paris to London and from there by train to Wales and by boat to Dublin. Travellers can then take the train or bus to Cork. Alternatively, there is a daily boat connection from Roscoff or Calais (in Northern France) directly to Ringaskiddy, Cork.  

Link for Direct Ferries: https://www.directferries.ie/

Travelling from the UK

There are ways to travel to and from Ireland without flying, as there are train and bus services that link with ferry services across the Irish Sea which connect several ports in England, Wales and Scotland with Irish ferry ports of Rosslare, Dublin or Belfast with ongoing travel by car, bus or train. 

Cross County Rail Services

Where taking a flight is necessary, attendees are encouraged to consider direct flights to Ireland (Cork, Dublin) airports and to use cross country rail services where a direct flight to Cork is not possible.

Link for Irish rail: https://www.irishrail.ie/en-ie/

Travel options in Cork

Cork is a city where active travel options are both available and encouraged – walking and cycling.  Visitors to Cork City can get a 3 day TFI bike subscription.

Link to TFI Bike Subscription: https://www.bikeshare.ie/pricing-and-subscriptions.html

All accommodation options and EAIR Forum venues in Cork can be accessed easily by foot. 

Offsetting Travel Emissions

Forum attendees are invited to offset the unfavourable impact of air travel by combining attendance at the Cork forum with other meetings in Ireland, the UK and Europe. 

Forum attendees who wish to consider sustainable travel options may also wish to combine their attendance at the Cork EAIR Forum with their annual holiday and by so doing minimise the number of air flights taken in 2024.